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Research Projects

I am an interdisciplinary and transnational historian. My current and former research projects focus on Mexican, Latin American, LGBTQ+, and Indigenous history.

Borderlands of Desire and Liberation: A Transnational History of Gay Print Culture in the Americas


This book project examines the production, content, circulation, and reception of leading gay periodicals published in the Americas from the early 1970s through the mid-1990s. It also traces the formation of transnational networks of gay activists, editors, publishers, and artists who used periodicals to connect across borders and to advance gay liberation movements. The book argues that gay periodicals were at the center of the transnational history of gay liberation, not only because they facilitated the circulation of information across borders, but also because they developed an ideological and visual language legible at the local, national, and international levels.


I have published initial research in the Hispanic American Historical Review and Left History.

A Queer History of the Devil


I recently started research for my second book-length project, which will offer an in-depth analysis of the visual representation of the devil and other demonic figures in modern Mexico from a transnational perspective. The project examines how these representations have been informed by gender stereotypes, ideas of race, sexual norms, and colonial and postcolonial imaginaries.

The Feast of the Dead: French Historiography and the Idea of Death among the Huron-Wendat in the Early Seventeenth Century


Undergraduate Dissertation

This ethnohistory project discusses the social, economic, and political dimensions of the mortuary customs, rituals, and myths associated with death among the Huron-Wendat. Some of the themes examined include the Feast of the Death, stories of the afterlife, and the ritual lament that the Wendat performed during their funerary rituals.

Find the dissertation here.

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